Blog: "Who Cares Bullshit" - Tom Cruise Rep - 2012-09-14

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F0.png "Who Cares Bullshit" - Tom Cruise Rep September 14, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

"Who cares bullshit" is what Tom Cruise's press rep says to Sinar Parman's noting that the multi-millionaire utterly stiffed him. That was after Tom's bff David Miscavige promised his bff would pay Sinar for this five star week-long service. Sinar catered not only Tom's wedding but the entire several day wingding surrounding it at Telluride. "Who cares bullshit" for the Scientology monk having to incur debt himself to service Cruise.

The story was recently carried in Business Insider, Business Insider on Sinar Parman.

When the Huffington Post picked up on it and asked Tom Cruise for a response, his rep (who obviously hasn't been stiffed yet herself) responded, "You are asking about something that happened 20 years ago — I don't know anything about this and need more time to find out. Any reason you need to post this who cares bullshit now?"