Blog: (AUDIO) Surviving Scientology podcast interview, Part 1 - 2014-04-22

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F0.png (AUDIO) Surviving Scientology podcast interview, Part 1 April 22, 2014, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

I had my first podcast interview with Jeffrey Augustine this past week and it was a boatload of fun. We had just gotten into this first interview and quickly discovered that there is so much territory to cover and so many topics to talk about that we were all over the boards very fast. Open up one barrel of monkeys and then another appeared and another until it was like we were in the monkey house at the zoo. Quite a wild time.

Getting on the show was a piece of cake. Their first podcast was announced just a few days ago and I was listening to it and fascinated by what Jeff and Mike Rinder were talking about. I thought that this would be a fantastic medium to get information out quickly and easily, especially in response to current events as well as to talk about past history. So while the first podcast was still running, I emailed Jeff and Karen Delacarriere and volunteered to be interviewed. Before I was finished listening to the podcast, they had emailed me back and we'd set up our appointment for a Skype call to do it.

I very much enjoyed being on the receiving end of answering someone else's questions, instead of having to come up with the topics and ideas and what to say all on my own. Being a writer is a lot of fun and I love being in total control of the final product, but it's also a little lonely sometimes.