Blog: (VIDEO) Critical Q&A 51 - 2016-04-03

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F0.png (VIDEO) Critical Q&A #51 April 3, 2016, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

The weekly show where I answer questions from viewers left in the comments of my Q&A videos or sent to me by email at This week, the questions I answer are:

(1) Chris, as you know I watch all your video posts and have recently read your book which I love and enjoy. I still have some questions. I think the answers might have something to do with the mindset of Sea Org/Staff members, but here goes: why does 'going Clear' and getting to the higher OT levels take so long? An example was Tim DeWall who explained his mission to get to Clear and years later he's no nearer. If the primary goals are to 'clear the planet' and 'save all mankind' and the Scientologists believe they are in 'a race against time' - why is it so difficult? I know it might be to drain money out of people and the 'levels' actually don't work, but, if the Sea Org and Staff members genuinely believe what they are doing (rather than knowingly perpetuating the con) why are the Case Supervisors not approving people moving on more quickly/easily?

(2) What do you think of Russia's recent banning of Scientology in the country? I have seen anti-Scientology people who say that the way Russia went about it was morally wrong.