Blog: (VIDEO) Critical Q&A 9 - 2015-06-15

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F0.png (VIDEO) Critical Q&A #9 June 15, 2015, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

The ninth installment of my question-and-answer video show, where I take up questions subscribers and commenters have asked me in my videos and answer them as best I can. Questions in this video are:

(1) After all these years of ex-members coming forward with their own horror stories, I would like to know why the government has not stepped in to investigate this criminal organization. Do you have any insight into why and how they are still allowed to abuse it's members?

(2) I have read about a dozen LRH books on Scientology from the early 50s such as Scientology: A History of Man and Have You Lived before this Life? and I've done videos making fun of them because each book is spectacularly stupid. Did you read any of them when you were a Scientologist and if so, how did you avoid seeing the idiocy his books exude on every page?