Blog: (VIDEO) Recovering from Scientology - Re-defining Normal - 2016-05-26

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F0.png (VIDEO) Recovering from Scientology - Re-defining Normal May 26, 2016, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

One of the talents of any good leader or visionary is their ability to create new and better realities which we want to strive to achieve. A lot of good work is done trying to re-mold the world into a better place based on the ideas of very smart or innovative personalities.

In order for someone to be taken in by and stay with any destructive cult, whether that is Scientology or ISIS or something else entirely, requires that they buy into a new world view. Where this goes wrong, and one of the main reasons we call destructive cults destructive is because cult leaders alter the ways their members perceive the world. They create whole new artificial constructs and convince their followers that this new vision is the world they are living in now. In other words, they re-define what is normal and real.

Scientology has been compared to living in The Matrix and the analogy is fitting, especially for those second and third generation Scientologists who were born and raised in it. These poor souls often have it much harder than regular first-time members who made a conscious, even if uninformed, decision to be part of the group. Children are hardly ever given such a choice and never know any other reality than the one created by the cult environment.