Blog: (VIDEO) The Legend of Tarzan is Pretty Good - 2016-07-05

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F0.png (VIDEO) The Legend of Tarzan is Pretty Good July 5, 2016, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

First impressions: not as bad as some of the other reviews I've seen made it out to be, but this was not a great movie. However, it was competently made, the acting is good on everyone's part and David Yates keeps a steady hand in moving the story forward and providing some truly breathtaking cinematography.

Without getting into spoilers, The Legend of Tarzan takes two completely fictional characters, Lord John Clayton (aka Tarzan) and Jane, and sets them into a true historical setting of the Belgian Congo in the late 1800s, a period when the atrocities against the native black population of the Congo were indeed being committed in order for the Europeans to profit from ivory, rubber and slaves. I did some reserach on this after I watched the movie and yeah, the history of this place and time is truly horrible.

The movie has this historical context, but it is a Tarzan movie. And Tarzan is basically a superhero if you go back and look at the original literature. He was setup to be something of the ideal man from a 1912 perspective, and Alexander Skarsgaard's abs are certainly as impressive as Tarzan's physique was supposed to be according to Edgar Rice Burroughs. They did find the right guy to play Tarzan and I will say that he does a good job of it both in the English city setting as well as out in the jungle when his shirt inevitably comes off and those chiseled abs come out.