Blog: (VIDEO) The Most Dangerous Trap Cults Spring on You - 2015-06-19

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F0.png (VIDEO) The Most Dangerous Trap Cults Spring on You June 19, 2015, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

When you start to look at the main things that are wrong with dangerous cults, or any kind of mass movement in general, you quickly find your attention going to the nature of belief itself and what is real versus what is fantasy. What I'm talking about doesn't just apply to religion, although that's one of the easiest things for most people to see. This also works out in politics, economics, consumerism and even civil rights and gender issues.

How many times have you been caught out trying to fake knowing all about something which you really knew very little or nothing of? How many times in life do we pretend in order to impress, to try to entertain or at least not appear foolish? It happens all the time. We delight in catching people out when they do this, but hate it when we meet someone smarter or more experienced or who can just see through our shenanigans.

Now imagine doing that all the time. Habitually pretending you know all about everything -