Blog: (VIDEO) The Scientology Experience, Part 1: Getting In - 2015-09-03

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F0.png (VIDEO) The Scientology Experience, Part 1: Getting In September 3, 2015, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Hello everyone.

I've offered quite a few facts, views and opinions about Scientology over the past almost two years and I've been very happy to see the positive effects this has created with so many people on my channel. My efforts have been an attempt to be a kind of whistle blower to the abuses and damage that Scientology causes to anyone it comes in contact with. While it wasn't my original goal to do this, my channel has been a sort of documentary of my own recovery from the cult and the progress I've made in re-integrating into the real world through learning and using critical thinking skills.

But I'm not the only one who has experienced this sort of thing and I thought it would be a very good idea to talk to some other people who have also come out of destructive cults and get their stories. I mean, my own story is interesting enough but I think if anyone wants to do any real critical thinking on a subject, they have to get more than one person's point of view.