Blog: (VIDEO) The Scientology Experience 2: Part 2 - Joining Staff - 2016-01-14

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F0.png (VIDEO) The Scientology Experience 2: Part 2 - Joining Staff January 14, 2016, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Last week I posted the first of a multi-part interview with former Scientologist Tim DeWall. In our first interview we discussed how Tim got involved and this week we continue to the next stage of his experience, working at the Church of Scientology of Tampa.

This and the other interviews I do on this channel are all being done in an effort to provide a more well rounded look at the subject of Scientology and how it is practiced in the real world versus what you are told or read about in L. Ron Hubbard's books. There is a huge difference between Hubbard's utopian vision of a world free of insanity, criminality and war, and how Scientology is actually used inside its own organization. I also discuss this in detail in my recently published book, Scientology: A to Xenu - An Insider's Guide to What Scientology is Really All About.

Tim and his wife Sylvia got out of Scientology just last year after decades of involvement. Let's pick up now with Part 2 of our interview and see what it's like to be a staff member for Scientology.