Blog: (VIDEO) What's Wrong with Scientology - Part 6 - 2014-05-12

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F0.png (VIDEO) What's Wrong with Scientology - Part 6 May 12, 2014, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Enforced Disconnection – The Ultimate Evil

In part 5 of this video series, I described the policy of Fair Game as L. Ron Hubbard's method of getting even with people who were labelled as enemies of the Church of Scientology including anyone who is declared a suppressive person. I'm going to elaborate now on the most extreme aspect of this fair gaming, which in Scientology is called Disconnection.

Like so many other things in Scientology, what nominally appears to be an honest attempt to help a church member who may be having difficulty with another person has been corrupted into one of the most hideous and awful practices you can imagine, with consequences that are nothing short of tragic.