Blog: 10,000 Not On Solo NOTs - 2014-05-02

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F376.png 10,000 Not On Solo NOTs May 2, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

After more than 30 years, they are very slowly closing in on reaching 2/3rds of their 10,000 target. Woohoo.

Though the figure they give is certainly a lie and probably includes everyone who is "off the level" because they "started it at one time" (you can be sure they have not deducted all the people who are now declared SP as they would be going backward in their cumulative total). But this is not new news, we have been hearing about them trying to get to 6500 for almost a year now.

More interesting are some other things said by Crazy Lady Edy Lundeen (I highlighted them in bold).