Blog: 10,000 On Solo NOTs Rah Rah - 2020-04-19

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F376.png 10,000 On Solo NOTs Rah Rah April 19, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I did a posting in February 2014 entitled 10,000 on Solo NOTs Update. At that time, they announced they have 6,433 who were "on or through" Solo NOTs.

That is more than 6 years ago. And they were "targeting" to to be at 7000 by the end of 2014... Not even close.

In those 6+ years, they have advanced 1317 or a bit over 200 per year. Of course, that is if you take their figures at face value. Which is always a risky proposition when it comes to scientology statistics. They are stat manipulators and fakers par excellence. You know they have not removed the dead or declared from this list. There are probably at least 1,000 that fall into that category. They certainly don't count in the "big beings who are shifting the planet" which is what the 10,000 is based on. Hubbard said just 10,000 could shift the planet (as I have said before, if this is true why not just cram all the SO and staff members through? Target would have been met years ago).