Blog: 10,000 Solo NOTs Auditors Not Happening - 2014-03-18

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F376.png 10,000 Solo NOTs Auditors Not Happening March 18, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The increasingly nutball Edy Lundeen asks at the end of this email "so tell me what you think."

Edy, I think you need to sit and stare at a rock for a few months until you come back down to earth and stop acting like some sort of crazy bag lady.

Do you even vaguely comprehend that when Dear Leader releases one of his "new" services and requires all those who are already on it to now do the "new" one, you don't really have "highest ever." It would be like having 1000 people enter a 1000 seat arena through turnstiles and then telling them all they have to go out and come back in. You then announce that you had highest ever attendance — 2000 people through the turnstiles at a 1000 seat arena.