Blog: 3 The Case against Miscavige - 2008-12-30

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F0.png 3 The Case against Miscavige December 30, 2008, Jonny Jacobsen, Infinite Complacency

High-level defectors from Scientology are beginning to speak out about the movement's leader, David Miscavige and the beatings they say he hands out to fellow executives.

Jeff Hawkins says he had no idea about David Miscavige's violence until he was himself attacked for the first time in 2002 - and he had been working at the base for more than 10 years.

"People don't say 'Oh did you hear that Miscavige beat up so-and-so?' - it is just not mentioned," he said. It was only once he started attending regular meetings with Miscavige - or DM as he is known - that he says he found out the hard way.