Blog: 5 Reasons Why "Scientology and the Aftermath" is More Important Than You Think - 2016-12-15

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F0.png 5 Reasons Why "Scientology and the Aftermath" is More Important Than You Think December 15, 2016, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Leah Remini's new show, Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E, is a total hit and rightfully so. I did my own review of the first episode and if you haven't seen that, I recommend you do so.

As a former Scientologist turned advocate, Leah is on a roll to bring the fight to Scientology's doorstep against its long-running history of human rights abuses, criminal activities and emotional blackmail and she's doing a fantastic job. Many people who have not been involved with Scientology in the past or have not been keeping tabs on its activities are tuning in and finding out for the first time just how awful this whole thing is. While that can certainly be viewed as sensational or "headline grabbing media" there are actually some more important reasons why this show is having the success it is and why it needs to be seen even more far and wide. If you have been following the first three episodes, I'm sure you understand what I mean and I heavily encourage you to share links to the show by whatever means with all of your friends, family and social contacts. Only someone with a heart of stone, or a Scientologist, would think there is nothing worth seeing in Scientology and the Aftermath.

Let's go over the five main reasons I think this show is more important than most people realize: