Blog: ANZAC Flaps - 2014-09-12

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F376.png ANZAC Flaps September 12, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Bryan Seymour did a piece on the nightly 7 news in Australia about the church misappropriating the term ANZAC.

Some alert readers had picked up on my comments about it yesterday and made it known that there is a law in Australia that forbids the use of this term.

Bryan contacted the Australian Government, who have now apparently launched an inquiry, and the head of the Retired Serviceman's League (RSL) who was outraged, as well as interviewing some people on the street. It confirmed what I had felt when I saw the promo piece originally, even though I haven't lived in Australia for 40 years and was unaware of the law. It also confirms how completely out of touch with the world those inside the bubble are.