Blog: AOSHUK Clearing the UK - 2013-10-27

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F376.png AOSHUK Clearing the UK October 27, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This email is a bit dated now, but I have had so much other news to report it just didn't make it into the mix.

But I looked at it this morning and it is enlightening in its own way BECAUSE it is now 3 weeks on.

I am sure that 7 OT V starts in a week is the best they have done in a LONG time. But honestly, this is really pathetic. With an Ideal Org and SH size org in London and 6 other orgs in the UK, if this is the volume of "Bridge flow" that is occurring, it is sad that these people are SO excited about how they are taking the planet by storm because they had 7 starts in a week.