Blog: ASL Talks Clearwater Redevelopment - 2017-03-26

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F376.png ASL Talks Clearwater Redevelopment March 26, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

My good friend Aaron Smith-Levin presents a well-reasoned explanation of what is going on in Clearwater based on his considerable experience and knowledge. While specific to the situation in Clearwater he offers some interesting insight into the "think" that drives scientology through the actions and directives of David Miscavige.

I have not had time to comment very extensively on this subject of late. I had started but have not completed my own blog post focused on the consummate salesmanship skills of Miscavige - selling what is good for Miscavige to many smarter, more savvy people than the marks who run the City of Clearwater (e.g. the Federal Govt, Interpol, numerous successful and wealthy businessmen). The City of Clearwater officials are like a junior high team playing against the pros.

I may never get to completing that, so in the interim check out Aaron's take: