Blog: A Course in Graduating from Scientology - 2013-12-31

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F0.png A Course in Graduating from Scientology December 31, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Given recent vicissitudes in these parts it is not practicable for me to be hosting visitors and engaging in lengthy, uninterruptible sessions. Yet, the desire for guided tours out of the Scientology philosophical labyrinth continues to be expressed. I have come up with a solution that may be workable given current conditions and apropos given the evolution of what we do. As noted recently, in essence my coaching or counselling has focused more on connecting dots to get people out of the 'why trap' Scientology has so effectively ensnared them into.

I am offering a Graduating from Scientology correspondence course. It is designed for:

-Those who are Clear or higher on the Scientology grade chart and are not planning on doing any more Scientology OT levels.