Blog: A New Civilization Built of Empty Buildings - 2016-05-22

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F376.png A New Civilization Built of Empty Buildings May 22, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Really? This is the best they have?

OT Ambassadors from "61 org fields" did not even fill the ballroom of the Ft Harrison.

61 org fields is more than half all the orgs on earth. And this is THE big deal in scientology, more important than anything else with more time and effort and force devoted to it than any program in the history of scientology. I would estimate there are about 125 people in this photo — they either didn't have 250 people there or they couldn't persuade them to be in a photoshoot. More likely the former as they routinely exaggerate everything even when there is a photo accompanying the falsehood. And let's not forget this is the "biggest OT Committee on earth"at Flag and they claim to have 100 plus members themselves.