Blog: A Severe Form of Punishment: Boot Camp - 2017-10-12

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F0.png A Severe Form of Punishment: Boot Camp October 12, 2017, Peter Nyiri, The Sea Organization

The following is a severe violation of human rights: the boot camp story of Attila Sonkoly in Clearwater, Florida.

I got into Scientology at age 15. My mom died and I had a hard time processing the world. I attended a free Dianetics lecture, shortly after I signed up for more Scientology and Dianetic s courses.

There was something about the Scientology courses I liked - I decided to become a course supervisor - the person who supervises Scientologists using study technology in a course room, where they go to to learn different aspects of Scientology. Soon I was supervising life improvement courses in my local Scientology mission in Szeged, Hungary . After a Sea Org recruiter came I signed up for the Sea Org - with the intention to become a supervisor.