Blog: A Tom Cruise Dream Comes True - the Silver Screen - 2011-01-09

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F0.png A Tom Cruise Dream Comes True - the Silver Screen January 9, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

David Miscavige, self-proclaimed "ecclesiastical leader" of the Church of Scientology, used many shifts to lead Tom Cruise into becoming his bossom buddy and foresaking his career by way of public Miscavige-like behaviors. One tactic was to use under-minimum-wage church staff to produce a string of over-the-top "personal" gifts from Dave to Tom. One of those gifts was a custom-upgraded bus specially designed and tricked to cater to Tom's every wish for a personal facility on the set of his movies. While Cruise paid the costs of material and non-Scientology core structural labor, many hundreds of hours of Sea Org (the fraternal, elite "religious" order of Scientology) labor and craftsmanship coordinated, designed, and executed the plan to deliver a one-of-a-kind product, from Dave to Tom with love.

Custom Made Logo For Dave to Tom Love Bus

The following despatch from Dir Vehicles Gold (Yvonnne Gonzalves) to COB COMM RTC refers to her Sea Org crew running rampant through Marathon (custom coach) company to ensure Dave's target for delivering Tom's bus is met. This is only the beginning of the bizarre story of a "church" turned into a Hollywood custom gift production unit.