Blog: Actors Needed To Play Scientologists - 2013-10-28

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F376.png Actors Needed To Play Scientologists October 28, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

With no public in the orgs (or afraid that if they shoot anyone they call in specially to appear in a video they might be found to be a disaffected/SP before the video can be edited and shown) Golden Era IN LOS ANGELES — the largest single community of Scientologists on this rapidly clearing planet — has resorted to paying actors to make it appear there are people in orgs for EVENT VIDEOS.

How ironic is this?

To convince Scientologists that things are really swell in the orgs (all orgs except the one they happen to be sitting in of course) they are paying actors to PLAY Scientologists to show to Scientologists so they believe there are actually Scientologists in OTHER orgs.