Blog: Amazing Grace - 2010-03-16

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F0.png Amazing Grace March 16, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

The following was sent to me by a friend who recently left the Church of Scientology. It's a reminder that there are places where one can find beauty, grace and peace. And it has nothing to do with how many square feet of space you've bought or renovated.

I had an interesting experience in a church yesterday. My husband and I were in a little neighboring town. We'd been walking around an arts festival for about 3 hours, and by about 2:00 we were tired and hungry and were looking for a place to sit down for a few minutes on our trek back to the car. We walked by an old church, and the doors were open and a pipe-organ was being played, so of course we went in. Even though it was Saturday, the church had been opened to the public and a few tired festival-goers were sitting in random pews. A middle-aged guy in jeans was playing an old pipe organ. So we went in and sat down in one of the old wooden pews. I noticed the wooden floor in front of our pew was actually worn from the feet of people walking in and out, and shifting their feet around while seated during services. The floor and the pews looked original to the building, so that would have made them over 80 years old. That's a lot of Sunday services, funerals, christenings and weddings.

This church was an old Spanish Revival style; white, hand-plastered walls, wide-open, gable ceiling with dark-stained, heavy timbers and beams from which hung big, wrought-metal chandeliers. The window wells for the stained glass windows were a foot deep into the white walls. At the front of the church was a huge, rosette window with a depiction of some religious figures. The glass had been stained in brilliant blues and soft greens, the robe of the central figure in cardinal red and touches of gold. We just sat there and breathed in the beautiful organ music, the light through the windows and the smells of the old wood pews. It was calm and beautiful and my husband and I both gratefully expanded into the space.