Blog: An "All Ideal Cali" - 2020-02-16

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F376.png An "All Ideal Cali" February 16, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Somehow, they are focusing on the number of staff needed for this to be an "ideal org". There has always been a rush to try to get people to sign up for staff, and the opening of an ideal org is the only real excuse they have. They tell people that with their ideal org they will suddenly have a massive influx of public and everyone will earn a living wage. It never happens.

The only people who can exist on staff are those who have some other form of surviving with no money — they live with their parents or they have a spouse that works a normal job, or they got an inheritence or someone has offered to give them a room rather than joining staff themselves or they "moonlight" at some other job. But moonlighting is increasingly difficult as virtually none of those orgs are now "Day" and "Foundation" so there is no "spare" time for moonlighting. Miscavige has pretty much done away with Day and Foundation as a concept. No "new" ideal org is Day or Foundation. Even ASHO has become one entity. SH Foundation disappeared altogether.

The fact is that being a staff member in a Class V scientology organization is NOT a viable occupation despite Hubbard's promises in the early 1980's with LRH ED 339R.