Blog: An "Ideal" and "St Hill Size" Org Struts Its Stuff - 2019-06-19

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F376.png An "Ideal" and "St Hill Size" Org Struts Its Stuff June 19, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Presented personally by Mr. David Miscavige with both "Ideal Org'" AND "St Hill Size" status, Joburg org epitomizes the pinnacle of scientology organizations on earth (not counting the artificially inflated Tampa Org that is home to the many Flag rejects and people trying to avoid Flag registrars).

And here we see what they are so proud of: 2 Clears in one week and one person "flying through his training" — apparently they didn't have a single course completion to announce in the same week as the 2 Clears.

This is the best. of the best. And compared to other scientology orgs, it is. Most orgs don't make 2 Clears in a year.