Blog: An Appropriate Commendation For Once - 2015-01-20

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F376.png An Appropriate Commendation For Once January 20, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I was sent a copy of this report by Mike Laws and I thought it worth making more broadly known. It has NOTHING to do with giving money to scientology which is about the only form of commendation one usually hears about these days.

Mike makes some important points, not the least of which is how Mike Ellis could be sent to the doctor (Megan Shields) who diagnosed him with congestive problems and an ear infection, but then just a few days later he is taken to another doctor who discovers he is overweight and has what is apparently a serious heart condition — bad enough to prevent him from traveling. That wasn't obvious when he saw (presumably — maybe she didn't even see him as it is hard to imagine missing his condition) Dr. Shields?

It also raises the question: how is Mike Ellis on post? By scientology policy he is not qualified to hold his position as he is PTS. Pretty seriously and chronically with all sorts of physical problems.