Blog: An Ideal Florida! Hand Over Your Starbucks - 2013-05-07

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F376.png An Ideal Florida! Hand Over Your Starbucks May 7, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a bit old, but one of our Special Correspondents came across it recently.

It follows the Captain Harvey the Clown posting perfectly, illustrating how far the Command Intention Vulture Culture has trickled down. This guy is theoretically the Dir of PUBLIC BOOKSALES of Tampa Day Ideal/St Hill Size super org. And here he is begging for donations to create OTHER "Ideal Orgs" for an "Ideal Florida" Not even "donations" for books.

And they are doing it because they "are part of Flags total amount, but we get credit for the raising of what we bring in." What sort of Admin Scale are these people operating on? "Others Stats"?