Blog: An Ideal Org IQ Test - 2013-04-08

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F376.png An Ideal Org IQ Test April 8, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is another document from our growing team of Special Correspondents keeping their ears to the ground and eyes on the prize.

Tony Ortega included the promo piece in his weekly Sunday Funnies collection this morning and it is worthy of a good chuckle. But it came with an email that deserves its own comment.

This is a wonderful example of the dimwittedness of these supposed "OT's" who have really learned to not even think dim thoughts for themselves. They are literally dumb as stump posts at this point. A=A=A is the order of the day. If Miscavige pisses on their heads and tells them its raining, they comment on how good a fresh shower feels.