Blog: An Open Letter from James R. Lewis - 2011-01-19

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F0.png An Open Letter from James R. Lewis January 19, 2011, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

I'm reprinting a letter from religious scholar James R. Lewis here, for any that missed it. Lewis got into somewhat of a bad odor with Scientology critics as a "Scientology apologist." Like Gordon Melton, Lewis became a Church of Scientology "ally" and was used by them to defend their religious status and quash critics.

I never met Lewis. I knew Gordon Melton when I lived in Santa Barbara and we had dinner occasionally. I gave him a hard time over his role as a Scientology apologist, and took the time to educate him on what really goes on at the highest levels of Scientology. He has since revised his opinion of Scientology. It now appears that James Lewis has been going through a similar process.

In addition to anything else, Scientology appears to be running out of religious scholars who are willing to shill for the cult.