Blog: Anonymous or Miscavige? - 2010-09-22

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F0.png Anonymous or Miscavige? September 22, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Just like clockwork, the day before I head out of town the shenannigans step up. First, the unordered pizza is delivered. Then an unending battery of phone calls to home and cell. There is a distortion filtered voice ominously announcing that I am wrong, that David Miscavige is not the source of the oppression dished out by the church of Scientology. It is L Ron Hubbard. I am to be dealt with because I say otherwise. I am being watched.

No shit, Sherlock! If you are gonna go through the trouble of throw-away phones, voice distorters, hiring some punks to script and execute this stuff, and coordinate it all around felonious mis-use of travel computers, at least tell me something I don't know, and that I care about.

It sounds very much like an Anonymous prank. But, do they have access to airpline reservation information like we know Miscavige's "church" does? And thinking over the message, who would be more apt to send that one in particular, Anonymous or Miscavige?