Blog: Another Angle on the Strategy Behind Scientology TV - 2018-03-14

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F379.png Another Angle on the Strategy Behind Scientology TV March 14, 2018, John P. Capitalist, Reasoned.Life

Earlier this week, Scientology TV began broadcasting on the DirecTV network. Tony Ortega's story the day before the launch, explaining the apps and channels involved is here, and Tony's review of the first slug of programming the day after the premiere is here.

Here, we'll look at the strategic imperative driving Scientology leader David Miscavige to begin to broadcast to generally accessible public, which we think is a case of doing the best job he can in playing a terrible hand. We suspect that some percentage of top donors are starting to wonder about the efficacy of the expensive Ideal Org strategy. In particular, they might be starting to wonder why there are so few new members in these opulent facilities, which was the justification for building them in the first place.

We predicted a few months ago that Scientology Media Productions would not begin broadcasting anytime soon, because of the potential for blowback and further tarnishing of the already toxic Scientology brand. We still believe all the reasons we cited in that post arguing against broadcast operations are still valid, and we now look at why Scientology management might have felt it necessary to go forward with a broadcast plan even though it will likely backfire.