Blog: Atlanta Ribbon Yanking Panic - 2016-04-02

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F376.png Atlanta Ribbon Yanking Panic April 2, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

They are terrified they won't have enough people to put in the shots of Dear Leader yanking the ribbon in Atlanta.

Even though the call has gone out to every org in the US that they had better show up, they are making sure there will be "bodies in the shop" by shipping "OT Ambassadors" from Flag. This is a luxury trip — driving through the night from midnight til 9am to get them there in time for the video shoot. Smile for the cameras. Stand around for a few hours. Tour the empty building. Then leave again at 5pm and arrive back after midnite. Not anyone's idea of an all expenses paid vacation. Or even a day at the beach.

I guarantee the number of "OT Ambassadors" willing to make this bus trip will be negligible. Perhaps just a few of the die-hard ex-SO on the "Flag OTC" who are still trying to get out of lower conditions will opt into this torture trip. But there will be a line of SO Members (those who are incapable of regging anyone so they won't really be missed") ready to fill EVERY seat as those buses will NOT be leaving empty. It will be a ragtag bunch of outer org trainees, TTCers, EPFers and assorted other expendables dressed in what passes for their Sunday-best. Three buses would be nearly 200 people, which will translate into "thousands" when the scientology press release is put out at the end of the day.