Blog: Author Services Still Hawking Worthless "Collectibles" - 2020-06-30

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F376.png Author Services Still Hawking Worthless "Collectibles" June 30, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A Frank Frazetta painting of "Countess Krak" from Mission Earth

Back in the 80's, Author Services Inc was created as L. Ron Hubbard's "Literary Agency." The actual function of ASI, then headed by David Miscavige as "Chairman of the Board", Norman Starkey as "Trustee of L. Ron Hubbard's Estate" and Terri Gamboa as Executive Director, was twofold.

To shield Hubbard from legal liability that flowed through association with the church. This gave him a control vehicle that was a profit-making, non-church entity, but through the command structure of the Sea Org, was able to direct scientology without overt evidence of doing so. A lot could be said about this, but this post is focusing on the second function.