Blog: BEST DRUG REHABILITATION 2? - 2015-11-13

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F0.png BEST DRUG REHABILITATION #2? November 13, 2015, Miss Fortune, Glistening, Quivering Underbelly

Less than three months after purchasing Manistee, Michigan's former Civic Club Building (located at 900 Vine Street), the facility has already received a State of Michigan license to operate under the name "Best Drug Rehabilitation #2".

Per Wickstrom's TIA Corporation closed the deal on June 29, 2015, snapping up the 8,200 square foot commercial property in Manistee for $100,000.

Since I've yet to see Wickstrom's usual PR firehose, with its tales of "an operation that would create 30 full- and two part-time jobs", the building's status is unclear.