Blog: Basel "Ideal" Org - 2016-03-30

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F376.png Basel "Ideal" Org March 30, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is one of the most recent "ideal orgs" on the planet. In fact, according to scientology, this specific org is the fastest growing org on earth over the last year. It is also a perfect example of what these orgs really are. Empty buildings accomplishing absolutely nothing once they have had their choreographed and video'd ribbon-yanking. After the video is fed to the sheeple as the "proof" of "international expansion" the empty building is left to sit like an abandoned military base. This is true for "ideal orgs" in large cities like London, NY, Rome and Moscow just as it is in small ones like Basel or Malmo. Any time of the day or night you happen to go by these buildings, they are empty. It is difficult to find a single soul visible anywhere.