Blog: Battle of San Antonio: A Review - 2012-02-12

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F0.png Battle of San Antonio: A Review February 12, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

On day one of Scientology Inc v Debbie Cook, after witnessing the opening statements of Ray Jeffrey and George Spencer, after Debbie Cook was called as first witness of the plaintiff, and after being dismissed from the courtroom as announced witnesses, Mike Rinder and I took a leisurely stroll at the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio. We could relax for a moment since by then we were assured that we owned David Miscavige.

We talked about the state of David Miscavige's mind as reflected in his handling of the Battle of San Antonio. Our walk was relaxed because we knew that Miscavige's arrogant, ill-advised first move would be his last – calling Debbie Cook to the stand. I said to Mike, "these days, watching Scientology Inc Legal is like watching a Tommy Davis PR performance." Mike mused about how predictable it was that Miscavige would react as we figured he would to our message from the Alamo.

We reflected on how after our announcing to the world that Miscavige was following right in the footsteps of infamous general and despot Santa Anna, he had ignored the well-known aphorism of philosopher George Santayana: