Blog: Beating A Dead Horse (Sheeple?) - 2014-02-27

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F376.png Beating A Dead Horse (Sheeple?) February 27, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It seems the wheels are coming off the Ideal Org bandwagon.

This from the land of superhype, where unreality is the norm and the KoolAid flows freely.- the "First Ideal Continent" springing forth from the Miscavige Minions of PAC.

Even with the Grand re-re-reopenings set for this weekend the lustre of the "Ideal Orgs" seems to have worn awfully thin. (As a note about this weekend, it occurred to me to wonder what Dear Leader is going to do for makeup on Sunday — his normal high-priced makeup artist Bruce has no doubt been booked for the Academy Awards for many months which probably has something to do with why there was so much resistance to changing the date?)