Blog: Before You Knight Mayo... - 2011-04-13

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F0.png Before You Knight Mayo... April 13, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I didn't anticipate as much worship for David Mayo as appeared in the thread on the last post, Deconstructing the Mayo Myth. Of course, quite a bit of it was from the very squirrels I was trying to warn people about. So, it did serve a purpose. I did not set out to discredit David Mayo. I steered clear of that route pretty carefully - simply detailing proof of one whopper he told that resulted in people being confused (the comments at issue proving the confusion proposition true). If one studied much Scientology and applied it, it would take a rather low IQ to be confused enough to put David Mayo on the same level as L Ron Hubbard - whether Mayo's original lie were a lie or not.

I did not even think of the following facts before last night's posting; because I never intended to bury Mayo. I only thought of them while scratching my head at comments seeking to raise Mayo to sainthood. They are clearly relevant - at least to those still apt to be lead down some dead end canyon.

David Mayo did not do a single thing to make the Upper Level HCOBs available for people outside of the church of Scientology. In fact, he swore under oath on numerous occasions he never received the Robin Scott materials. He never wavered from that position from 1983 to this day. Rather than take on David Miscavige, David Mayo countersued and made the focus of his attack L Ron Hubbard. He actively joined forces with a formidable government and private consortium that was dead set on harassing, jailing and forever discrediting L Ron Hubbard. The day before L Ron Hubbard died in January 1986 the Federal Disctrict Court judge on the case denied Mayo's motion to force LRH into the litigation and appear for deposition. Mayo's team ruthlessly pursued L Ron Hubbard literally to the day he died.