Blog: Being Theetie-Weetie in Scientology - 2017-12-09

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F376.png Being Theetie-Weetie in Scientology December 9, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Theetie-Weetie is one of the many negative terms Scientology use to label a person. Such people appear bubbly and upbeat, happy and cheerful, and without a care in the world. Behind the façade, though, is a person scared of life.

Ron Hubbard defined Theetie-Weetie as: 1. Slang from England, meaning "sweetness and light" (but they can't face mest or any outness. Cannot go deeper into the bank than a thought. (LRH Def Notes) 2. He operates in a totally psychotic way while being totally serene. The valence is all the way up at tone 40 and the pc is all the way down at minus eight (SP Spec 2, 6105C12).

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