Blog: Big Brother Invites You to Attend - 2013-09-06

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F376.png Big Brother Invites You to Attend September 6, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There has been considerable discussion about the email circulated yesterday requiring information be sent in to Wig Adams at Flag for photo ID cards to be issued.

Here is the email being sent out from Flag in response to that with a much shorter list of information being asked for. What made the email yesterday so believable is that they ARE in fact planning to issue ID cards to keep the unemployed, bitter defrocked apostates on the fringes of the internet out of Dave's Palace and Nuremberg Rally Events. See earlier post on this here.

Notice the non-committal tone of this email "you received an email" and "to answer the many inquiries we prepared a special information sheet". They don't want to acknowledge they were scammed and that the outrageous email asking for all sorts of personal information was not in fact real because so many people thought it was! What a joke this whole operation has become.