Blog: Big Brother Is Watching - 2013-08-19

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F376.png Big Brother Is Watching August 19, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The "friendliest place in the world" is losing its lustre. In fact, it is becoming downright creepy.

This is from the latest "OT" Committee Meeting Minutes — my highlighting in red:

"Emmett Osborn, OTC Dir IAS Field Dissemination, come up to brief us about the winners of the recent IAS Game with the prize of a special pin for getting 2 status upgrades, 2 Lifetime Memberships or a donation on $10,000. He presented gifts of special lapel pins, engraved pens and one-of-a-kind shoulder bags to the winners, Kaye Champagne and Tom Cummins. Emmett re-briefed us on the new IAS Game that was first announced last week, for every Flag OTC member sign up four others on the IAS monthly debit program for $100 per month. Emmett reminded us that FSM commissions would be available for those signing others up for this.