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F0.png Blog moderation policy November 7, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Just after I blew RTC I spent 35 days on the road looking for a peaceful, faraway place to settle. I wound up by the Gulf of Mexico on the US-Mexican border. I later moved a tad north, but still in South Texas. I travel a bit, and I always love coming home. It is not just the ocean and the space. More important I think is the culture. You know what a big cattle rancher or oil man calls a lowly busboy in a taqueria down here?

He calls him "Sir." Every man initially refers to every other man as "Sir." Everybody starts out with respect. If one demonstrate's he is not entitled to respect, only then does he lose it. Sometimes it doesn't take much to accomplish that. Just be a cabron (loose translation: a prick) and see how long they keep referring to you as "Sir." But it is easy to keep respect. All you have to do is treat others with respect. Most folk who come here to visit remark on how friendly people here are. I think it has to do with their cultural upbringing and the workability of the idea of granting beingness to others indiscriminately. Christian folk refer to it as the Golden Rule.

I read a blog post of Jeff Hawkins recently that got me thinking about all this