Blog: Bob Keenan/Rob Swan - 2014-11-12

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F376.png Bob Keenan/Rob Swan November 12, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Bob Keenan MC of the London Ideal Org Opening

Bob Keenan was formerly posted as the LRH PPRO UK, but was David Miscavige's "go to guy" in the UK. He had a relatively short career as one of Dear Leader's pets.

When Miscavige was in the UK for the IAS event or any other activities, Keenan was "the man". He picked up Miscavige from Farnborough Business Jet Airport when he arrived in Cruise's Gulfstream with a little convoy of rented Range Rovers and BMWs. He arranged special food. He oversaw "security" and acted as a personal "bodyguard."