Blog: Brainwashing -- The Proof - 2013-07-23

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F376.png Brainwashing -- The Proof July 23, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Corporate Church of Scientology is going all out to attempt damage control internally on the withering blasts that have been exposing some of the nasty, not to be spoken about underbelly of life in corporate Scientology. We see the media "handling" of claiming its all just lies made up by a couple of "self-promoting bloggers on the fringe of the internet" or a "small handful of bitter, defrocked apostates", but where the real panic is occurring is in trying to keep the faithful on board. The Ethics Officers are working overtime, but Miscavige's personal troops, the "OT Ambassadors" are also being sent forth to do battle with the forces of evil.

And here is a perfect example. It is a recent Facebook posting from one of the "OT VIII's" who has made a name for himself as a "Model OT Ambassador."

He epitomizes the perfect Corporate Scientologist (though to be fully truthful, he lacks the financial resources to be truly lauded and tries to make up for it with his actions).