Blog: Bringing on the Crazy - 2010-04-24

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F0.png Bringing on the Crazy April 24, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

Just a quick note. If you missed it, Mike Rinder's article on Marty's blog is a must-read.

If anyone needs evidence that the Church of Scientology has entered its final meltdown stage, this is it. Four of the seven people who ganged up on Mike in a public parking lot were senior executives of the Church. For them to exhibit this much crazy in a public place is beyond the beyond. For this much insanity to be leaking out of the Church means that the level of crazy at Scientology's top level is a pressure-cooker of pure, gibbering lunacy.

If you're still a Church member - read Mike's account. These are your leaders?