Blog: Buffalo - The Hits Just Keep On Keeping On - 2013-04-11

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F376.png Buffalo - The Hits Just Keep On Keeping On April 11, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Consistent with our theme over the past couple of days, here is a video from the Executive Director of Buffalo Org about how their "BUDGET IS APPROVED" for their Non-Existence Campaign — all they need is the money (which is where you come in!).

One thing consistent with all these pleas for money: THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO SHAME. They will announce to the world the most embarrassing things in order to try and get money. How amazingly embarrassing is it to be the first "Ideal Org", now with two Grand Openings, and to be telling your public "we don't have any money to get out of NonE"?

I don't know this woman, though she appears to be a random OT VIII who is wasting her Spanish speaking skills in one of the lowest percentage Spanish speaking cities in the US.