Blog: Buzz - 2011-01-10

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F0.png Buzz January 10, 2011, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

Reading another fascinating book: The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited, by Emanuel Rosen. Great reference for anyone in advertising, marketing or PR.

I read Rosen's original version of this book, The Anatomy of Buzz, while I was still in the Sea Org. Hubbard had made the comment one time that marketing was mostly "wog" tech, and therefore marketing people should study books on the subject. Hubbard had quite a library of marketing and advertising books, interestingly enough. So I studied probably hundreds of these texts. When I was running my own unit in Los Angeles, I could even get away with actually using what I was learning – I did things like demographic studies, focus groups and so on. But at the Base, it became impossible to apply these books. Sure, Hubbard said to read them, but a suggestion to do something that the books recommended resulted in blank stares, or accusations that one was "off-Source" or "squirrel," particularly if they had anything to do with – gasp! – psychology. So it was always a struggle to apply anything in these marketing books. And of course these days, it's impossible.

So it is with the subject of "buzz" – word of mouth.