Blog: CCHR Hysteria - 2020-06-04

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F376.png CCHR Hysteria June 4, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Snark of the day.

This was the commentary that accompanied this piece from CCHR that had been sent to one of our faithful readers.

Unfortunately, the bad news is, that unpaid and underpaid CCHR workers are tirelessly bombarding legitimate news, newsletter, and aggregating websites, and pseudo-news outlets, with their 'facts' which they don't fact check, at all. These overworked and understaffed decision-makers are just looking for interesting topics to publish in these COVID-19 times. CCHR's massive spewing out of their bullshit articles are clearly hitting some lazy PR drone or unprepared intern, who takes these free offerings. Not knowing that under that pretty green fan of sticky leaves is a rattlesnake, sinking its teeth into more and more organizations.