Blog: CC Int Stat Report - 2014-04-14

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F376.png CC Int Stat Report April 14, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Another accidental disclosure of stats you would never see at an International Event where all graphs look liked they have been neutered.

But the first interesting thing about this is the LRH quote. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the ENTIRE justification for the Holy Grail of getting 10,000 on Solo NOTs. That is everything there is on the subject that is not just hype.

But here we go — this is by FAR the largest Class V org on earth. It dwarfs all other Class V orgs and outside of St Hill Fdn (which hardly exists) it is the only Sea Org Class V org (though Tampa is a semi-SO Class V org with SO members from Flag there as virtual staff members).